“Fun with Bands and Chains”

This program introduces a lot of accommodating resistance work through the use of bands and chains. It is a 12 week program that ramps up the volume while cycling in special intensity techniques such as drop sets, supersets, static holds and many more. There are more »
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3 Mistakes in that Prevent Weight-Loss

1. Your workout isn’t designed properly to burn body fat. Most people assume that if you’re burning calories, you must be therefore burning body fat, but unfortunately, it’s not that simple. Andrew explains: “Typically, a woman trying to lose weight will grab 8-10 pound dumbbells more »
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Interview: Achieving a Top Physique Through Nutrition & Training

Ginger: Okay, so, regardless of having type 1 diabetes, what are some of the most common mistakesin the gym people make when they’re trying to lose weight, put on muscle, or training to compete in bodybuilding/figure? Andrew: Great question. I actually put a blog post more »
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Leg Workout 3/29 Tom Platz Inspired

Hey Guys Yesterday was a great leg workout that my coach John Meadows gave me as part of one of his great programs. Recently, he got to go and train with one of his idols Tom Platz. If you don’t know who Tom is, look more »
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Interview w/ Steve Glazier for FIT on FOX

For the TV Interview that aired on Fox 44, click here. For the full interview on Steve’s Youtube Channel, click here. For the TV Interview that aired on Fox 44, click here. For the full interview on Steve’s Youtube Channel, click here.
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Interview w/ Dr. Joe Winget, Cardiologist

Hello Dr. Winget Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions and do this interview. So, I wanted to take this opportunity to both learn and inform my readers about cardiovascular health. Since I try to interview experts in the field that also take more »
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Interview With Ginger Vieira for

The Coach You Need for Weight-loss, Strength-Training, and Competitive Bodybuilding/Figure By Ginger Vieira Andrew Berry If you’ve been doing the same workout for months or years and haven’t dropped a pound on the scale or gained the muscle you’re working so hard for, you’re not more »
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Interview with Tyler Webb- Stony Pond Farm

Interview with Tyler Webb of Stony Pond Farms Many of you know that in the last year I have switched to an all grass-fed beef diet due to my research on websites such as and The Weston A. Price Foundation website. If you haven’t more »
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Periworkout Nutrition and Diets

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My Contest Diet 2014-Final Week

My Contest Diet 2014 2/24/14 Hello everyone. Throughout the day I get asked about what I am eating and what I am doing differently to get ready for the 2014 NPC Vermont Championships. Well, I enlisted the help of great coach and mentor, John Meadows more »
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Mastering Periworkout Nutrition

Mastering Periworkout Nutrition Andrew Berry When you are a hard trainer looking to add muscle mass and lose body fat you look for every advantage possible. You should already exercise intensely on a progressive training program that challenges you. You should also have your daily more »
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Tired of Small Calves? You Need to Train Them…..Often!

When it comes to calf training most people usually do one of two things. Most will just plain ignore them and figure they get a decent amount of “training” from walking around. Those that do train them will throw a few sets at them as more »
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Carbohydrate & Training Prioritization

Most guys following the typical bodybuilder diet will start their day with a meal high in protein and carbohydrates. (1) Egg whites and oatmeal has been a staple of many iron enthusiasts for years. The idea behind this tasty meal is that the body has more »
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Morning receptor sensitivity

Here’s a look at some of the recent research into insulin receptor sensitivity at different times of the day. Another reason to get the majority of you carbs after training and at night. Research Paper
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Good, quick article on Carbs at night

Although there are ideal times of the day to take in your carbs, it’s the overall amount of them that will affect your fat loss success. Find the correct amount to refill your glycogen stores and take them in at appropriate times to aid in more »
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