3 Mistakes that Prevent Weight-Loss

3 Mistakes that Prevent Weight-Loss

1. Your workout isn’t designed properly to burn body fat.

Most people assume that if you’re burning calories, you must be therefore burning body fat, but unfortunately, it’s not that simple.

Andrew explains: “Typically, a woman trying to lose weight will grab 8-10 pound dumbbells and do every movement she can think of with them to feel like she got ‘weight training’ in. The she gets on the treadmill and runs for 45 minutes. Now, if you talk to her, she will say that her goal is to lose that last 15 pounds of baby weight. But after two years of the same thing over and over again she’s frustrated and hasn’t lost any weight.”

Why isn’t this successful? Because a) the weights are too light to have any real impact on muscular development or metabolism and calorie expenditure, b) the exercises you’re choosing are probably isolated movements rather than compound movements, and c) typical running actually burns far more glucose than body fat simply because that’s how aerobic exercise impacts the body.

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